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Kayla Hall: Emerging entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 17

by Paula Anderson

Kayla Hall is the founder of The City Juicery based in Nashville, Tenn. Hall is an emerging business owner and wants to help others learn about healthy options.

"Staying committed to my reason why - to provide all equal access to healthy options and education," said Hall.

Courtesy photo of Kayla Hall

According to the website, Hall established her business due to her own personal health journey.

The City Juicery offers a variety of juice products - “Orange Krush, Strawberry Ginger Shot, Sweet Root, White Peach Margarita (Mocktail), and Daily Green Detox.”

Hall offers this advice to aspiring entrepreneurs - “Yes You Can ! Yes You Will! Yes You Are ! You have the power to achieve even when it seems impossible say these two words | I'm Possible."

To learn more about The City Juicery, visit or follow on Instagram at

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