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Women's History Month Commentary

by Paula Anderson

The month of March began with a recognition of women who are blazing a trail in our community. Our goal was to highlight women in leadership, government, project management and human resources.

However, our focus shifted with the healthcare and economic crises taking place in our nation. But, as we close out the month, I want to share these qualities for an effective leader.

Paula Anderson - Photo credit: Isaac Singleton
  • An effective leader is open and honest with team members, subordinates and anyone who follows them.

  • An effective leader provides growth and development opportunities for team members. Employees and team members will evolve throughout their career.

  • An effective leader communicates with team members when the news is good and bad. If there is a lack of communication, then the team will develop its own understanding about a situation perhaps through the "grapevine" or other unofficial communication channels.

  • An effective leader inspires and motivates team members to move beyond their current situation. He or she recognizes the potential and encourages growth.

  • An effective leader listens to team members because one person does not have all the answers.

Thank you for reading our digital publication. I really appreciate all of the individuals who help me to produce quality and relevant content.

Paula Anderson is the founder of Writing by Design Media. She can be reached at

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