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Travel entrepreneur helps customers feel safe with ride sharing

by Paula Anderson

An emerging entrepreneur offers personalized ride sharing experiences to help

customers feel safer when traveling.

Ricky Turner, founder of Turner Transportation and Travel Services, LLC, focused on solving a problem with customers who needed ride sharing in the

Murfreesboro area.

According to Turner, he wanted to create his own business model for customers

who wanted local and out-of-town travel.

Turner said, “I noticed that there weren't airport shuttle services available and

large groups needed transportation.”

He provides transportation services for weddings, bachelorette parties, local

church events and conferences.

Courtesy photo of Ricky Turner

In 2019, Turner said business was booming and he expected 2020 to be even

better. However, the pandemic altered his business operations.

All industries have been impacted by COVID-19, but the travel and tourism industry have been severely impacted.

“March is my travel season with proms, graduations, the Country Music Awards (CMAs) and SEC Tournament” said, Turner. “My elite clients would travel internationally to Rome, Greece and the Dominican Republic, but all of that has been eliminated.”

Although he has not been able to service his regular clients, he used community service as a method to transport people.

Turner shifted his transportation services to offering free rides to the polls for the November 2020 presidential election to the community.

While these were not paying customers, it paid off for him in the form of marketing and public relations through local news and media coverage.

Ride sharing became popular through Uber and Lyft, but Turner’s services offer a personalized experience. He builds a relationship with customers, so they will feel comfortable.

COVID-19 has taught us many lessons and Turner said this has been his “plant season” and in the new year he is expecting a “harvest and a sense of normalcy in 2021.”

Turner provides local travel, but he has taken women to the annual Essence Music Festival. “I drove a group of 10 - 12 people to the festival then I went back and picked them up. It is less expensive to do this then to stay with the group during the festival," stated Turner.

His business model is innovative because he wants his customers to feel safe when traveling and his services offer them that experience whether they are local or distant.

“We have three means of transportation: one 15 passenger Sprinter van, a party van Cash Vegas and a party bus Na$h Vega$. COVID-19 really had a major impact on business in 2020 due to cancelation restrictions and early closures of business. It gave me time to rest and refocus for the upcoming year,” said Turner.

To learn more about Turner's Transportation & Travel, LLC, call 615-713-7836.

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