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Starting and managing a nonprofit organization during a pandemic

by Jennifer Sharp

Starting and managing a nonprofit organization can be a challenge. Imagine doing all of this during a pandemic when donors are not in a position to provide financial resources. According to TaxExemptWorld, Memphis has over 13,000

nonprofit organizations.

However, for smaller, grassroots organizations and startups, it can be difficult to go through the process of attaining, maintaining a 501(c)3 status along with fundraising and compliance.

Myron Mays, founder of, has the expertise and the passion to help nonprofit organizations. Mays has 17 years of nonprofit administration and marketing experience. provides the following services: 501(c) 3 preparation services, 501(c)3 reinstatements, charitable solicitations, annual state and federal filings, administrative consulting, marketing and public relations consulting.

“I help organizations prepare documents, walk them through the approval process, and work with them after the approval process because that’s when all of the real work begins,” said Mays.

“This helps organizations have more time to focus on their mission.” Since COVID-19, many nonprofits are struggling to raise capital and due to the impact of donors’ income and corporations’ funding.

“It has been a double-edged sword. A lot of nonprofits depend on major corporations to be successful; when businesses suffer, it affects their corporate contributions and giving programs, which as a result causes a level and uncertainty for the organizations” said Mays.

“On a brighter side, the organizations and startups now have downtime to recharge, reboot and revamp and restructure their processes.”

Even though business has also slowed down for Mays, his clients are leaning on consultants like him for various services. Like many people, Mays is working from home while meeting with his clients periodically, consulting, and automating things.

One organization that has benefited from’s services is PATCH, Inc. PATCH is an acronym for Providing, Assisting, Teaching, Challenging, and Helping. It provides Tennessee recovery support services, transitional housing services, and youth programs for the Mid-South community.

Rose Falkner, founder and chief executive officer, has been a faithful client of Mays since the inception of her organization.

“I can tell and ask Myron anything,” said Falkner. “As an African-American woman who runs an organization for mostly males, it can be challenging, but Myron is helpful, honest and one of a kind.”

As a result of Mays’ consulting services, PATCH, Inc. has a contract with the state of Tennessee to provide addiction and relapse prevention services and contract with the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

Mays plans to host workshops and continue to provide consulting services after the pandemic. He also has some valuable advice for nonprofit organizations and startups who are trying to navigate through the pandemic.

“Do the same business that you were doing before, be fiscally smart, stay in tune with your clients, stay within your focus, stay the course and stick to your personal purpose,” said Mays.

Falkner also has some advice for individuals who are starting their organizations and businesses.

“Do your homework. Many people do not know that you do not own the organization anymore once you start a 501(c)3; it is managed by your board of directors,” said Falkner. “Make the effort to promote your business.”

For more information on PATCH, Incorporated, visit

For more information and to request services from Your501c3.Com, visit

Jennifer Sharp is a freelance writer for Writing by Design Media. She can be reached at

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