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SBA continues to serve entrepreneurs

by Paula Anderson

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to pivot during this season of uncertainty. This pandemic has challenged everyone on how to continue to stay in the game.

LaTanya Channel, Tennessee District Director, shares upcoming resources offered by Small Business Administration (SBA) in a Candid Conversation. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

Under the SBA, entrepreneurs and small business owners can receive training and development through the following organizations in your local area. These are organizations funded by SBA, and as a federally funded program, there is no cost or very low cost to entrepreneurs to receive services.

Courtesy Photo of LaTanya Channel

Women’s Business Centers (WBC): Pathway Lending oversees the Women Business Center in the state of Tennessee. Although Pathway Lending is based in Nashville, the resources are for entrepreneurs throughout the state, via funding that SBA provides ( Jarlecia Jones serves as the director of the Pathway WBC.

Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC): Pathway Lending also hosts the SBA VBOC for the State of Tennessee ( Reggie Ordonez serves as the Director of the Pathway VBOC that provides business planning, mentorship, and training for eligible veterans here: --- Pathway VBOC

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): There are workshops on access to capital, government contracting, marketing and business planning along with one-on-one business assistance and counseling. Rory Thomas serves as executive director for the Memphis SBDC Center and there are 14 other SBDC Centers around the state, including in Jackson TN –Tennessee SBDCs.

SCORE,a non-profit organization, supported via the SBA provides mentors, workshops and counseling with 4 Chapters in Tennessee – Tennessee SCORE The Memphis SCORE Chapter is located on Poplar Avenue in Clark Tower.

Later this year, the Tennessee SBA will offer workshops on the Road to Recovery to help entrepreneurs figure out new ways of doing business You can sign up for virtual events here on Eventbrite - SBA Tennessee District. Sign up for the SBA newsletter here: Email Alerts and follow SBA Tennessee on Twitter here:

To listen to the full conversation, click the link below.

Paula Anderson is a journalist and founder of Writing by Design Media.

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