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Memphis Small Business Quarterly celebrates three years

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

by Johari Hamilton

After launching its first publication in August 2017, Memphis Small Business Quarterly (MSBQ) maintains its commitment to increase exposure for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the city of Memphis and its surrounding areas.

For three years MSBQ has provided high quality content featuring emerging and enterprising entrepreneurs.

According to the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, though the number of minority and women-owned businesses have grown significantly, they continue to face racial, gender, and economic inequalities.

MSBQ logo design: Reynolde "Rey" Jordan, II

The magazine has recognized minority and women-owned businesses in various industries including business support, real estate, technology, healthcare, construction, finance, entertainment and more.

“The goal of the magazine is to increase awareness in the Memphis area. We are not competing with any other publication or organization. However, I recognized a gap in 2017 and focused on how I could be a solution to help underrepresented emerging and enterprising entrepreneurs increase their sales and exposure," said Paula Anderson, founder of Writing by Design Media.

MSBQ continues to deliver relevant stories. This three-year anniversary edition features Attorney Corbin I. Carpenter, Michael Hooks Jr., Dr. Jamie Hardy, and Lemoyne-Owen College.

This edition highlights entrepreneurs in law, project management, healthcare and a focus on higher education.

Each week, we will highlight each of these entrepreneurs on our digital publication and our e-newsletter.

To learn more about Writing by Design Media, contact Paula Anderson via email at

Johari Hamilton is a content writer for Memphis Small Business Quarterly. She can be reached at

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