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Local project management firm helps to build up community

by Justin Key

With over 15 years of project management experience, Michael Hooks, Jr. serves as owner and CEO of Allworld Project Management, LLC (AWPM), which has served Memphis and the Mid-South for nearly 10 years.

Hooks, a graduate of Hampton University and the University of Memphis Executive MBA program, attributes his success to always doing right by his employees and clients.

AWPM is scheduled to celebrate its 10th Anniversary in September, a professional service firm that provides a full range of project and program management services customized to the needs of both the public and private sector clients. A few of the projects that Hooks and his company have completed include: I AM A MAN Plaza, MLK Reflection Park, Sears Crosstown Renovation, and Tennessee Valley Authority Allen Plant, to name a few. Hooks stated that "Community and social involvement are essential to having a thriving business in any industry but especially in the city of Memphis."

Courtesy Photo - Micheal Hooks, Jr.

Hooks seeks talent and interns from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to help his team. He also mentors young engineers and serves on numerous boards.

The mission is to consistently exceed client's expectations by providing value-added solutions, one task at a time, while the vision is to be the standard of excellence delivering services with skill, morale, and innovation. These drivers have proven very successful as AWPW is now certified to operate in seven states, a member of nine professional organizations, and employs a dynamic and diverse employee base.

"A high degree of effective communication, recruiting diverse talent, and investing back into the Memphis community is a formula that has served us well," said Hooks.

When it comes to ensuring his team is up for every opportunity, Hooks encourages his engineers to "not be afraid of technology."

As the world evolves, AWPM continues to be a leader in the project management industry by creating a more inclusive and technologically advanced work environment with honest and proactive core values.

“Hooks is committed to the vision and mission he has set for Allworld Project Management, LLC. As a B Corporation, he is intentional, and coaches and encourages all team members to be Accountable, Creative, Team oriented, Organized, Respectful, and socially and environmentally responsible. One of the first things he told me on my first day, “We provide value-added solutions. Sometimes you may lead a project, and sometimes you will not. In leading, make certain your entire team is involved, and each client knows their project is our project, and that their success is our success,” said Daryl Lewis, AWPM project manager.

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