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Insights from Lauren Brown, JD, MBA

The seven principles of Nguzo Saba (Kwanzaa) in the business realm

By Lauren Brown

Kwanzaa Principles in the business realm:

1. Unity (Umoja) – unity of purpose for BlackCEOs- purpose is to create businesses from a wealth perspective that benefit the black community economically, financially, emotionally, socially and environmentally.

2. Self-determination (Kujichagulia) – self-determination means that we define and create our own opportunities that benefit the black community, black business owners and BlackCEOs.

3. Collective Work and Responsibility (Ujima) – we build community by working together to finance business ventures, provide capital, teaching others how to raise capital, support each other’s businesses, and collaborating when it comes to business. As Dr. George Fraser put it “when we cooperate, 1 plus 1 equals 2. When we collaborate, 1 plus 1 equals 11.”

4. Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa) – we create, build and maintain our own businesses (brick and mortar as well as online). We support each other, build relationships that strengthen and support BlackCEOs and business owners and help each other profit from our businesses, which enhances our community and provides the economic foundation for the creation of wealth.

5. Purpose (Nia) – We are clear of the purpose of our business as a BlackCEO, and how our talents and skills contribute to restoring our community to its

greatness. We communicate our purpose in a clear, concise, engaging manner.

6. Creativity (Kuumba) – we are such a creative people! We have a duty to leave a legacy for our children, their children and their children through starting, growing and scaling our businesses. Each generation should “do better” than the previous by building generational wealth in a way that it passes to the next generation and the next. Using our creativity as BlackCEOs, we can avoid the failure that befalls so many small businesses.

7. Faith (Imani) – as BlackCEOs and part of the black race, we should never give up! We must have faith in ourselves, each other and our community as a whole. We embrace the struggle we experience, but do not let that define or limit us as BlackCEOs and members of the black society. “Keep on truckin...” as the song says. As BlackCEOs, our faith keeps us going!

Lauren Brown is the owner of LRB Global Consulting Services. She can be reached @ Reprinted with permission.

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