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Human capital helps to move your business forward

by Lameka Ivy

Human Resources (HR) is a discipline that has a vast number of functions. Some of the functions include benefits, payroll, talent acquisition, training, development, safety, labor and employee relations. The world of HR is ever changing. It has been referred to as personnel, and now it is called human capital, yet the focus has always been on people.

Sometimes small business owners do not understand the value of human capital. However, it is one of the most important functions for a business entity whether large or small. It connects you to every aspect of the business process.


I believe it is one of the most sought after professions in America. When I go somewhere or read something, people ask how can I enter the HR field. I am honest with them and explain that receiving an opportunity is the best way, and when you do - you will not have any regrets.

My career path started as an entry level text and data services assistant in Labor Relations. After that, I transitioned to various positions such as HR administrative assistant, labor relations specialist and senior employee relations relations specialist. In 2016, I decided to start my own HR consulting firm and I work with clients on all aspects of HR consulting and mediation.

If you have a desire to become an HR professional, never give up on your dream of doing it. With perseverance and determination, it can happen for you as it did for me.

Lameka Ivy can be reached at lameka@ivymediation.

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