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Helping women and girls

by Felicia Ingram

Sister Supply is an organization that advocates for women and girls in need in the City of Memphis by providing feminine hygiene items and providing much needed information on the struggles of women in poverty. 

Kelsey Johnson, co-founder said that the Sister Supply's mission is three-fold—“supply the need, destigmatize menstruation and educate about reusable products.”

The organization initially began as a support to the homeless population in 2015. Soon after, teachers and counselors began to reach out for assistance to provide hygiene products to school-aged children. Johnson stated that her staff, “found that teachers and guidance counselors were paying for pads out [of] their own pockets to help keep their students in school.”

Sister Supply Logo

Their work continues in the political realm—working with lawmakers to improve feminine hygiene cost and accessibility. “We’re also working with our lawmakers on getting the tax dropped on products and adding a budget line for schools," Johnson stated.

“In our ideal world, tampons and pads would be stocked in bathrooms just like toilet paper and hand towels.”

To learn more about Sister Supply, visit the website at

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