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Healing and transforming through self-love

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

by Paula Anderson

Self-care and self-love are more than just manicures and pedicures. There has to be a lifestyle for healing and transformation.

Erin LaFleur, founder of Soulful Nectar LLC, used her own personal experiences to create a business model to help other women take care of themselves.

Erin LaFleur/Courtesy Photo

According to her website, she offers body butter, salts, candles, scrubs and a Self-Love Journal for women.

Her story focuses on her desire to make changes from an unhealthy relationship.

"Relearning what love means by my own true definition and taking the time with myself to understand why and how I love has been refreshing throughout my journey of self-love," said LaFleur.

"Cultivating the relationship I have with myself sets the precedence for all other relationships I may partake in - business, family, emotional, platonic, etc. Digging and sorting through my traumas and triggers helped me to uncover a part of me that was buried deep within, a me who thought she was powerless...once she was resurrected, the healing began, my self-love superpower had been unlocked. It took time for me to realize that healing is not just for me, but for my child and my future partner as well. In that moment, I took my power back."

LaFleur is using her own journey to inspire others along with products that are designed to create a ‘self-care regimen’ for women.

“Knowing that I have been a help to other women who want to begin their self-love journey keeps me going. Knowing that my experiences are being used (as) a survival guide to help others overcome or to recognize the signs and pivot into a better situation keeps me motivated to keep up the momentum. But also knowing that my son is watching me become the mother that he deserves is my greatest motivation,” said LaFleur.

As LaFleur continues to build her business, she offers this advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

“Find your focus…build your passion…remain consistent…because as an entrepreneur, you are your greatest asset… You have the vision, when you don’t go after it…the world won’t see it either."

To learn more about Soulful Nectar, visit

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