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Global entrepreneurship showcase for student start-ups at the UofM

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

by Lois Charm

On Friday, Nov. 17, student entrepreneurs will gather to showcase their business start-ups at the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship located at 3618 Walker Ave. on the University of Memphis campus.

The Center is part of the University of Memphis’ Fogelman College of Business and Economics - business start-up department offering students various services and opportunities to start and scale their businesses.

Image Source: LinkedIn

Lydia Haworth, program assistant, shared more information about the turnout she hopes for the showcase. She first explained the inspiration for the event.

“The initial inspiration behind this event was us wanting to find a way to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week,” she said. “Global Entrepreneurship Week is about celebrating entrepreneurs everywhere and what better way to do that than inviting our students to come and showcase their businesses.”

Haworth also explained how the eight participating students plan on showcasing a variety of business services.

“Our students have a wide variety of entrepreneurial ventures,” she said. “For this event, we have a few students that will sell and display their clothing brand. Some students will display their artistic creations like handmade jewelry and crochet items. We will have one student selling baked goods and the rest will be advertising their service-based business.”

Haworth lastly shared what she hopes to be the turnout of the event.

“We hope to have a good turnout of students and people from the community so that these student businesses can get a lot of exposure.”

For more information about the showcase, email

Lois Charm is a freelance journalist for Writing by Design Media, Inc.

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