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Emerging entrepreneur: Kenneth Worles, Jr.

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

by Paula Anderson

Kenneth Worles, Jr. began his entrepreneurial journey at an early age. He described solving problems while he was young. According to Worles, he sold chips in high school and then transitioned into selling music and beats.

As a college student, he was asked to design flyers for organizations. His creativity led to professional graphic design for nonprofit organizations. He would create party fliers, but decided to focus more on developing a strategy instead of single flyer transactions.

"I want to help clients focus on strategy and it is similar to going to the doctor’s office to help develop goals and healthy outcomes,’’ said Worles. "I want them to focus on helping businesses look beyond a single flyer. Facing challenges and obstacles is something that Worles handles on a consistent basis. “I am always faced with how to charge clients for services,” he said. "I struggle with moving from $50 to $100 and going to a million dollar contract.”

Kenneth Worles, Jr. |Photo Credit: Jonathan Ennis

“Another obstacle I face is recognizing strengths and weaknesses,” said Worles. Building and collaborating with others to support the weaknesses that clients have.” Having a support system helps entrepreneurs to deal with challenging situations. “I get motivation from my friends because I was the person who was going to make it out,” said Worles. Despite the challenges of life and the current pandemic.

Worles stated that he wants to quit everyday, but recognizing that quitting will impact his newborn daughter and wife. As a social impact marketing agency, Three(i) Creative Communications, focus is to improve communities and lives.

“We support industries in the nonprofit and government space along with corporate social responsibility and diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI) programs. Healthcare and educational institutions are also a part of the company’s client list. “My team enjoys working with these industries because it helps them to feel good at the end of the day,” said Worles. Entrepreneurship has challenges and rewards. Worles stated that his greatest success is evolving and being here today.

Courtesy photo| Three(i) Creative Communications team


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This article was originally published in the Emerging and Enterprising Entrepreneurs (E3) magazine fall 2021.

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