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Cynthia Daniels - Women's History Month Feature

by Paula Anderson

As Writing by Design Media, Inc. celebrates Women’s History Month, our feature this week highlights an entrepreneur who has taken ‘lemons’ and turned them into ‘lemonade.’

Cynthia Daniels has been featured in Black Enterprise, AfroTech, The New Tri-State Defender, the Memphis Business Journal, The Daily Memphian and The Commercial Appeal for her in-person and online events.

In 2020, the live event industry took a major hit due to the pandemic and it left many event planners wondering - What’s next?

Courtesy Photo - Cynthia Daniels

Daniels adjusted to this ‘new normal’ and focused on ways to pivot her business model, but she also helped other entrepreneurs during this unprecedented time. Her goal is to help black business owners survive, thrive and receive exposure.

She represents the true spirit of entrepreneurship. Daniel views problems as opportunities and works to find another way.

Thank you for stimulating the economy in the Memphis area as an entrepreneur and event strategist.

To learn more about Cynthia Daniels, visit

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