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Cybersecurity tips

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

by Kevin Harris

Below are tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners on cybersecurity policies and recovery measures.


To ensure best practices are not overlooked and to assign priorities, policies should be implemented to reflect the need for effective cyber hygiene. Password policies will guide users on best practices for passwords creation as well as stating when documents with sensitive information are required to have password protections enabled. Policies that direct users to utilize multifactor authentication when available greatly reduces the likelihood of an authentication breach. External cybersecurity reviews or audits provide organizations with an outside analysis of risks and recommendations for mitigation. Cybersecurity review policies should indicate the type of analysis required and the frequency external audits should occur.



In the event an organization experiences a breach, it is important that proper processes were implemented to limit negative consequences. Purchasing cybersecurity insurance is one prudent step organizations should take to limit losses. Ensuring data is appropriately backed up allows for data to be recovered in the event of ransomware or other breaches. Organizations must consider how often they should backup systems to avoid maximum disruptions. Data destruction practices should be implemented to address the process of securely deleting digital information that is outdated or no longer needed. The failure of adhering to comprehensive data destruction practices provides hackers additional attack vectors.

Kevin Harris is a contributing writer for Memphis Small Business Quarterly. He can be reached at

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