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Candid Conversations with Entrepreneurs - Black History Month edition

Updated: Feb 11

by Paula Anderson

Candid Conversations with Entrepreneurs began in 2019 as a supplement to the print magazine, Memphis Small Business Quarterly. It was created to provide a video conversation with entrepreneurs in a candid format.

A new season will highlight Black History Month with a panel discussion on Black Entrepreneurship.

This year the goal is to increase the audience reach beyond Tennessee.

The moderator is Eric Ryan Brinson. For the past two years, Brinson has moderated the panel discussions in Memphis.

On Thursday, Feb. 22 from 6PM - 7PM, the conversation will feature panelists in Tennessee.

The panelists are entrepreneurs who are emerging and enterprising and small business advocates who have resources for small business owners.

Kayla Hall-Ransom, founder of The City Juicery (Nashville, Tenn.); Derrick Martin, VP of Rural Lending (Pathway Lending); Angela Richardson, founder of Bookkeeping by Angeline (Memphis, Tenn.) and Dr. April Webster, co-owner of Loving Arms, LLC (Jackson, Tenn.)

To register, click here.

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