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Black-owned construction company makes strides in Middle Tennessee

by Justin Key

Since its inception in 2011, Polk & Associates, LLC. has been forging a trustworthy and formidable reputation in the construction world through its federal, commercial, and civil contracts with Reggie Polk as its dedicated leader. 

Polk & Associates, LLC. is composed of solution-focused professionals who are determined to create a winning environment for their customers. The company continues to thrive in the construction industry while creating a blueprint for success that can be modeled for years to come. 

Polk graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and attributes his success to keeping abreast of industry trends, teamwork and standard operating procedures in his company. 

Courtesy photo of Reggie Polk

According to Black Enterprise, out of the $500 billion in federal contracts the government issues yearly, $23 billion is allocated for small and disadvantaged businesses.  Polk & Associates has garnered contracts with The United States Department of Agriculture, The Air Force, The Army, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The United States Corps of Engineers, General Services Administration, Tennessee Department of Transportation, Metro Nashville Airport Authority, and several more. These clients generate 70 percent of the company's revenue stated Polk. 

Government contracting can be a long and tedious process for small business owners to learn about opportunities. 

Veronica Clark, University of Tennessee Industrial Services Procurement Technical Assistance Center (UT CIS PTAC) said, "The key to government contracting is starting early. You start early by creating relationships with the buyers during the forecasting phase. Once you are in the pre-solicitation phase, criteria become defined. Always keep in mind that successfully competing for government contracts is a marathon, not a sprint."

"After taking classes at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC), I learned about the correct processes and procedures needed to be successful in construction, and also of the many opportunities that would have gone unnoticed if not for being in class and networking," said Polk. 

Polk has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but learned a great deal from my mentors in the industry. "I made business moves that made sense," stated Polk. "If it felt forced or unnatural, I would not pursue it." 

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Justin Key is a contributing writer for Writing by Design Media, Inc.

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