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Black men in finance

by Johari Hamilton

Our upcoming edition, Black Men in Finance, features Eric Robertson, president of River City Capital and Community LIFT (Leveraging Investments For Transformation), Keith Dillihunt, founder of Gordon James Financial Solutions and Anthony Young, capital executive-in-residence at Epicenter Memphis.

Each article highlights the financial knowledge and expertise they bring to the table to help businesses thrive amongst people of color.


While Memphis makes a name as a city for upcoming startups, research suggests that access to capital is one of the challenges of African-American business owners according to a study conducted by Prosperity Now. It’s no coincidence that these three men are focusing their efforts on helping people of color reach their goals and create financially viable businesses.

With experience in various areas, they offer a wide variety of services for new and existing business owners. These areas include but are not limited to:

  • Funding

  • Technical support

  • Business and community development

Serving people of color in business has a direct impact on the community. Underrepresented communities suffer from economic inequality.

Empowering entrepreneurs help communities thrive and become viable stakeholders for new businesses.

Using a grassroots approach, these three men strive to make business ownership possible and sustainable for people of color by building trusted relationships, increasing business equity and generating wealth in the community.

Below is a short video highlighting the features.

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