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Ashley Nevar - Women's History Month

by Paula Anderson

Many entrepreneurs decide to leave a job and take a risk on establishing a

business to achieve their goals.

However, Ashley Nevar, founder of Ash from Nash, pursued entrepreneurship as a way to heal her wounds and to give back to others who are experiencing sexual and physical abuse.

Nevar started making jewelry as a form of therapy to deal with challenges she

faced as a child. Her creativity allowed her to shift from a state of depression to

a business making clay jewelry products.

According to Nevar, she hosted a jewelry making party and her friends advised

her to move forward with the business idea.

Entrepreneurship was never in her plan, but she has focused on learning

business skills to become better at her craft. Nevar said, “I have a business

coach and she gives me advice on ways to grow my business.”

Courtesy Photo of Ashley Never

Nevar said, “I have a business

coach and she gives me advice on ways to grow my business.”

Although she operates a for-profit entity, she donates proceeds to help women who have been faced with human trafficking in Greece. Human trafficking is a forced form of sexual and slave labor.

According to Nevar, she provides shelter, clothing and hygiene to

women and girls in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her mission is to educate others about sexual and physical abuse by providing financial resources from her business sales.

“I had the idea to marry my passion for fashion with my desire to help victims of sexual abuse by partnering with a non-profit called Hope Spot, an organization, run out of Thessaloniki, Greece. Hope Spot works to pull victims of sex trafficking and abuse out of what would be seemingly hopeless situations, and provide them with the means to experience a freedom that they’ve never before known,” said Nevar.

Nevar has experienced challenges, but she also shares the success of her business. According to Nevar, she plans to partner with other retail stores in Middle Tennessee to grow her business and wants to develop an internship/apprentice program.

Many times business owners are competing with each other.

Nevar shares a different outlook and said, “Don’t be competitive, there is enough success to go around.”

To learn more about Ash from Nash, visit

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