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Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival honors the Republic of Malawi

by Writing by Design Media, Inc. staff

Memphis community leaders, David L. Acey, Sr. and Yvonne B. Acey, have dedicated their lives to educating, serving and helping others learn about the Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival, Inc.

The Aceys both attended LeMoyne-Owen College and have worked tirelessly to increase awareness and exposure about African history. One of their biggest contributions comes in the form of the annual Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival, Inc.

First celebrated in 1986, Africa in April originated from an idea to recognize and celebrate African American culture. Each year, a different African country is recognized and vendors offer products associated with that country's specific culture.

Yvonne B. Acey and David L. Acey, Sr.|Photo Credit: Paula Anderson

David L. Acey, Sr. executive director said, "We started meeting at LeMoyne-Owen College to get organized." In the infancy stages, they sought assistance from the city of Memphis.

As an educator and community leader, Yvonne B. Acey wanted to ensure 'the arts' were included in the festival's cultural offerings.

Yvonne B. Acey said, "The 'Arts' embrace a universal message with memories that touch and engage the entire community educationally, physically, aesthetically and developmentally regardless to the class, gender and ethnicity."

This year's honored country is the Republic of Malawi.

To learn more about Africa in April, visit the website at

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