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A profitable business mindset - Part 2

by Lauren Brown

Yes, you know your craft. You know how to do the work in the field chosen. You are familiar with your industry. You know other entrepreneurs in the industry. All of that is good. But, do you know how to be profitable business owner?

It starts with the mindset. In this article, we focus on ways to improve your business mindset.

1. Focus on your why – do not lose sight of why you are pursuing your business idea and how important it is to you. Daily reminders keep you on track.

2. Be creative and innovative – stagnation can cause you to lose your “edge.” Continuous improvement is the key to profitability.

3. Be a lifelong learner – always be in a learning mode and improve your knowledge of your industry, business strategies and practices. Your brain and mindset will stay sharp and ever-evolving.

Lauren Brown (Photo Credit: Isaac Singleton)

4. Develop and maintain daily practices – they will keep you on track and push you to excellence.

5. Clarify what works and what doesn’t work – know what is working in your business and what needs to be changed, preferably through innovation and creativity.

6. Understand your process – be clear on the processes you use to make the decisions in and for your business. They should come from your business mindset, not someone else’s. You have choices –exercise them!

7. Work with a successful mentor who will hold you accountable – surround yourself with highly successful business people; find someone who will take you under their wing. Accountability is key!

8. Utilize tools that will help you automate your business. My mentor told me this: “You do not have to touch and master everything in your business. Utilize tools and people who have the talent, skill, and commitment to your business.

Don’t pretend that you know everything and can do everything. You


Lauren Brown is the owner of LRB Global Consulting Services. She has a master's degree in business administration and juris doctorate degree. She can be reached at and is a contributing writing Writing by Design Media.

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