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A Journey of Health and Entrepreneurship

by Jennifer Sharp

For 20+years as a teacher in the public-school system, Shonta Kilgore decided to continue to advocate for quality education by starting her own business, Failure Free Educational Services.

Founded in 2005, the LLC provides professional development and leadership training for youth. As a consultant and coach, Kilgore wants to help youth reach their full potential.

She began her career as an education in 1997 where she taught in the heart of South Memphis.

After seeing a shift in the standards and expectations for education, she began to leave the classroom and started her own business.

"Every child deserves a free and appropriate education," said Kilgore.

After years of teaching, Kilgore witnessed herself being comfortable and stagnant in the classroom and wanted to do everything she could in education to make sure that every child deserves a good education and what she calls "authentic education."

Kilgore defines authentic education that helps someone reach and maximize his or her full potential and be his or her own boss and achieve a goal.

"Authentic education disarms poverty and every child should be afforded an opportunity to get out of poverty," said Kilgore.

Shonta Kilgore - Photo Credit: JD McCollins

Another goal has been Kilgore's year-long fitness journey to lose weight.

"Life-long challenges with being overweight and family history of high blood pressure and diabetes inspired me to focus on my health," said Kilgore.

Three years ago, she started walking each day and made a Facebook (R) post with a picture and marked the day as completed. "I exercised everyday because I wanted to change old habits and focus on being the best of me - personally, socially and emotionally," said Kilgore.

"I decided to use social media as a platform to hold myself accountable." Each day she received likes and comments from people who were paying attention stated Kilgore.

Her fitness journey and leap of faith toward entrepreneurship has increased her confidence to try new things and not be concerned about the end results, but to focus on the process.

Her message to others is to not allow the "fear of failure to hinder your process."

Jennifer Sharp is a freelance writer.

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